Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Takutia news 1080 Emma Tylah Ava

Do research about an important topic!
This is our notes of 1080 and here is a link to our report.

Emma’s notes: I think that this is wrong because the 1080’s are killing loads of Cats, Dogs and some other Animals that don’t deserve it.

Tylas Notes: I think we should stop 1080 cause when a deer eats 1080 a person can shoot that deer eat it and become unconscious that's why i strongly believe we should banned 1080

Ava’s notes: I think they should stop 1080 because it’s not just killing possum it’s killing other animals. They should put up possum traps instead. Most of the keas are endangered. I know that 1080 kills possum but it kills all of our other animals and that makes all of us sad and angry. Please stop 1080. }:|

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